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Other Community Projects

In addition to our regular programming, we often are asked to work with the community on additional projects.  Here are some of the most recent.


Baltimore Street Park

We worked with neighborhood partners to help build a park on abandoned lots on the 1200 block of West Baltimore St.  More work needs to be done so contact us if you are interested in helping!

HCPM Sponsored Sowebo Booths

Also at this years Sowebo Festival, HCPM sponsored three artists to receive free booths to Show and sell their work.  Congratulations to the winners: Laurie Smith, Bat Boulandi and Steph Schaffer.

Kids Alley at the Annual Sowebo Festival

In order to make sure the community had free and fun activities at this years Sowebo Festival, we created a Kids Alley with free activities for children.  But the best part of Kids Alley is that it is run by the kids!

Arabber Preservation

HCPM is a strong supporter of the long tradition of Arabbing on the Baltimore Streets.  In January, the Carlton Stables were shut by the City and the horses were taken.  This has cost our neighbors jobs and cut off  access to fresh produce to our community.  We encourage you to find out more at

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